Studs With Pins

Hi all,

I have really sooo many clothes to fix…I bought this tricot dress at the Bestseller Stocksale. Bestseller only sell samples in size M or L so I had no choice to make it 1 size smaller…

sw7 sw15

Pin down on the excess fabric and draw a line with permanent marker leaving 1 cm for the seamline..


Cut this piece out…



Repeat on the other side. To math the other side, use the excess fabric from the previous side and pin it down.



Cut the excess fabric.


Now you should have this.


Reverse your fabric and sew the pieces together. The rule with tricot is to sew ZIG-ZAG because it’s an elastic fabric.

Zig-zag stitch on my Singer machine:



Finish with overlocking the seamline.


Finish the overlock stitch manually like this:sw21

Now over to the studs, I have these studs with pins on the backside…Add these on the shoulders or anywhere else you like. With tricot it’s very easy as the fabric already has holes in it so you don’t need to damage the fabric.


To protect your skin while wearing it, iron ”vlieseline” on the fabric. ”Vlieseline” is used to strengthen the fabric and has an adhesive side . I’ve cut out 2 layers because the one I bought is from very thin quality.


Iron one layer on one layer…


Now the second layer…



sw6 sw1

Don’t hold back to buy clothes with a bigger size, there’s always a way to make it your style!


Greetings, Linda

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